Breakfast Menu


Nest Eggs $6.35

Mini quiche with a shredded potato crust (naturally gluten free)

» Artichoke, smoked gouda, and mozzarella
» Fresh spinach, feta and bruschetta
» Bacon & cheddar





Savory Egg Muffins  $6.35

A high protein muffin made with a cottage cheese batter baked with an egg inside

» The Renegade: Ham & Scallion
» The Maverick: Jalapeño, cheddar, bacon
» Non Conformist: Sauerkraut, swiss cheese, corned beef (w/ side of Russian Dressing)





Breakfast Burrito:  $6.95

  • » Original: Egg, bacon, pepper jack, avocado, chipolti sauce
    » The Vegetarian: Egg roasted veggies, feta, spinach
    » The Californian: cream cheese, tomato, avocado, spinach, crunchy bacon
    » Wake Up Call: Swiss, crunchy onions, eggs, cherry peppers, avocado, bacon, chipotle sauce





Egg Sandwich:  $5.56

» Two scrabbled eggs
» 1 Meat: Ham, Turkey, Bacon
» 1 Topping: Spinach, avocado, red peppers, grilled veggies
» 1 cheese: American, Cheddar, gouda, feta, mozzarella, pepper jack

» Extra toppings add $0.50 each
» Extra eggs add $1.00 each



Greek Yogurt Parfaits:  $5.25

Made with 0% fat free Fage yogurt

» Non-Fat lemon with Blueberries
» Non-fat Honey with Strawberries
» Side of granola included



Assorted Oatmeal and Muesli cereal $4.25
Assorted croissants, muffins, pastries, rolls and bagels

Plain Roll or Bagel $1.00
Buttered Bagel $1.75
Bagel with Cream Cheese $2.00